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Work and Travel is a U.S. Department of State program created in the 60s for students from around the world who want to visit America during the summer. This program is open to university students who want to experience another culture while earning money to support their stay. Work and Travel participants have a unique chance to experience the United States as more than just tourists, and to share their own traditions and culture with people from both the U.S.A and abroad.

With Work and Travel USA program you can:

-improve your language skills
-gain practical experience and you 'll have an international work experience that will make your CV more attractive
-see a lot of new different and interesting places
-learn about thousands of new funny, useful and interesting issues

What we offer for the Work and Travel program:

• Work permission for 4 months (from May to September);
• Providing job offer in proven employer, usually in the field of tourism: hotels, restaurants , amusement parks, markets, etc.;
• The possibility of finding additional work;
after the fourth month you have one month tourist stay.

With the Work and Travel USA program you can:

• be familiar with the American way of life;
• make many new friends from different countries and nationalities;
• make sure that you can handle yourself in different situations;

What is sponsor and why it is important for participants of the Work and Travel program?

Sponsors of Work and Travel are American companies and NGOs, who have the right to issue work permits to participants of the program and are responsible to provide support and monitor them during their stay in the United States. Most sponsors provide job offers and a contact between employers and students. The program sponsors are designated by the State Department of the United States.

Applicants should understand that the program's stipend or wages might not cover all of the program expenses, and applicants should bring additional personal funds to cover living expenses.

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