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Work and Travel services - insure your investment 


To maximum insure your invested funds for the program and to be flexible to any changes that may occur and impede your participation when you least expect it, we offer you the following additional services that you can add to your Work and Travel program. In this case not only you ensure your investment, but you insure all of your fees paid for the program.

Forget your worries about whether you'll have a good job offer, and how much money you will lose if you do not get a visa or have an unexpected change of plan and the fear of losing the money paid to the moment, because we have a solution for your fears :


 *Money Protect 

In case of J1 visa refusal, all the amounts paid for the program deposits and the SEVIS fee, will be returned to your bank account by Viking.




*Visa Safety 

In case of J1 visa refusal, the visa interview fee of $160 paid to the U.S. Embassy, will be returned to your bank account by Viking.

Leave nothing to chance! Protect all of your money for only 59 EUR for each insurance!


*Program Payback 

Change of plans? OK! We will reimburse you all the fees that you have paid for the program, even the SEVIS fee, even if you already have a visa, even if there is only one hour until your flight to the USA.

Ask for Program Payback at the day of your application for the program. Get it only for 95 EUR.


V.I.P. Advantage 

With this option you receive a full package of Money Protect, Visa Safety and Program Payback at the amazing price of 149 EUR!

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