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Viking gives you some useful tips related to the luggage.

A baggage tag is attached to checked baggage, available at check-in either at the counter or at a kiosk, even if you have checked in through another means. We also recommend that you always fill out a label with your name and address and put it on your baggage. Labels can be found in the departure hall and at the counter.

Fragile and valuable belongings (including important documents, passports, computers, money, medication, jewelry, cameras, musical instruments and keys) must not be placed in your check-in baggage .
All checked baggage must be properly packed in sufficiently rigid suitcases or similar containers to ensure safe carriage. Every piece of baggage must show the passenger's name and address.

Dangerous items:

In general, you may not carry substances and items such as: radioactive materials, explosives, inflammable liquids, propane and/or butane cylinders, weapons (except for hunting and sports purposes), knives, poisons, corrosive substances, acids, magnets, nor infectious bodies, such as viruses and bacteria. Dangerous items also include aerosol sprays, matches and other dangerous items such as magnetized or irritating material. Bear in mind that this is not a complete list of hazardous materials. Carrying of dangerous objects aboard aircraft is a legal offence and may result in a penalty. Please ask your airline or travel agent for further details.

Portable electronic devices

You are allowed to bring portable electronic devices such as cameras, gaming consoles, cellular or mobile phones, laptop computers and camcorders on board the aircraft. Always check with the airline before you travel or with a crew member after you board the aircraft before using them during the flight.

Some electronic devices are strictly prohibited for use at any time because they can interfere with the aircraft's navigation and communication systems. Other electronic devices may only be operated with the permission of the crew during the cruise portion of the flight.

All electronic devices must be stowed for take-off, landing and during turbulence.




All substances and materials which, by their very nature, may pose a threat to air transportation as items prohibited from being carried in either checked luggage or hand baggage.

These products are:
- Briefcases equipped with alarm devices
- Compressed gases (refrigerants, inflammables, poisonous and non-inflammables) such as butane, oxygen, liquid hydrogen, camping gas and cylinders for breathing apparatuses
- Corrosive agents such as acids, alkaline, mercury and batteries with liquid components
- Explosives, weapons, firearms and ammunition not intended for sports hunting, pistol caps, fireworks and rockets or realistic toy weapons
- Flammable liquids and solids such as lighters and fuel for same, matches, paints and solvents
- Other dangerous objects such as magnetic, noxious, toxic and irritating substances or which have an unpleasant odor, oxidants such as bleaching powders and peroxides
- Poisons and infective substances, pesticides, herbicides and materials with pathogenic agents
- Radioactive substances
- Warning devices and any lithium batteries installed to power them
- Underwater flashlights containing batteries.


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