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Financing the program

We know that the Work and Travel is an investment and you need some funds to accomplish .

Work and Travel Bank credit

If you can not have funded the program alone or you lack funds for airplane ticket ,we have a credit specifically agreed between Viking and Uni Bank , with low fixed interest rate , quick and easy procedure for approval and no fees for early repayment . For more information visit your nearest Viking Office .

Viking Tax ReCycle - Pay program WAT summer 2020 with taxes WAT 2019

You participated in the Work and Travel and know it's worth ! Do the same this year , only without having invested earlier ! Only Viking Tax ReCycle gives you the opportunity to replace the expected Tax Refund to Work and Travel 2017 no matter which agency you traveled past summer .

Benefits :

You only pay the deposit for participation in the program ;
Do not spend your saved money ;
You can apply in the autumn , when the WAT price is lowest .
Do not forget that if the tax return amount is bigger than the fee to participate in Work and Travel, you can make use of the difference surcharge of airplane ticket or to receive on you bank account. All you have to do is visit the nearest Viking office and bring the last paychecks , to fill short Tax Refund registration and we will take care of the rest !


Ways for financing your program


 Uni Bank creditViking Tax ReCycle


up to 240.000 mkd.to the amount of your taxrefund from WAT 2019

Каматна стапка

Interest rate reference rate published by the Central Bank (for the period from 01.07.2012 - 31.12.2012 = 3,75%) + 8%N/A

Additional taxes

Provision for loan management:2%+600,00 mkd.



Co-applicant with one and two endorsersN/A

Application deadline

N/Ato 28th of February 2020


Do not forget that you can combine Viking Tax ReCycle  with Uni Credit Bank for your airplane ticket. In that way you will  apply for lower credit Uni Bank and you will have more chance for approving the credit and pay less interest.

  Work & Travel without previous paying ! How? Credit for student travel from Uni Bank  

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