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When you have a job interview, make sure you are prepared. It’s important to make a good first impression and be knowledgeable about the job you’re applying for. Here are some suggestions to help you get that job:

  • Learn about the employer before you have the interview. Think about how you will be able to help them.
  • Be sure to arrive 10 minutes early to any interview.
  • Pay attention to how you appear. Make sure you are clean and professional looking.
  • If you go to your interview with friends, ask them to wait at a nearby location during your interview.
  • Say hello to your interviewer and introduce yourself with a friendly handshake and a smile.
  • Listen carefully to the interviewer. Ask them to repeat a question if you don’t understand it.
  • If you have worked before, talk about your experiences.
  • Use examples of how your skills and abilities fit the job you want to have. Sell yourself!
  • Ask questions about the job. This will show you are interested and responsible.

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