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As your agency , we at Viking are concerned about your safety and health during your stay in the United States.

Your well-being and safety during your Work and Travel program is our top priority. Traveling and spending time in the US is fun and exciting, but you must make sure that safety always comes first!Here are some useful advices will help you to preserve your health and safety .

1. Do not walk alone at night, especially in big cities or large towns. It's always
safer to walk with a friend or group.

2.Do not carry a large amount of cash.

3.Be sure to lock your door!

4.If you are out late at night, be sure to tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return home.

5.Do not leave valuables in easily accessible places.

6.Do not use narcotics and avoid contact with people who use them. It is illegal and students will be detained if they are discovered. This leads to the immediate termination of the program and deportation.

7.Always keep with you the numbers of police , fire , hospital , your sponsor and others.

8.Do not exclude the possibility that may happen something bad to you , in which case you should act quickly.

9.Avoid confrontation - do everything possible to avoid potential situations of violence.

10.It is illegal to drink alcohol on the street , whether you have 21 or not.

11.Consumption of alcoholic beverages is illegal for those under 21 years of age. Drinking and driving is very dangerous and illegal.

12.Respect the prohibition on smoking in public places , where there is such.


Bicycle Safety
Biking is a fun and healthy way to commute and explore, but it can be dangerous if you aren't careful. Follow these simple tips to stay safe while riding your bicycle.

Wear a helmet
Wearing a helmet is the easiest way to avoid a serious injury. Your helmet should fit like a hat and should not move from side to side or back and forth.

Wear reflective clothing
It's important that others are able to see you, especially if you are riding at night. Wear reflective clothing or a bright outer layer.Use your free bike light from Spirit at night for increased visibility.

Avoid busy streets
Do not ride your bike on highways and avoid roads with heavy traffic. If you are biking to work, plan a route on well-lit side streets or roads with designated bicycle lanes.

Ride with traffic and watch for parked cars
You should always ride your bicycle on the right hand side of the road, so you are going in the same direction as the cars. If there are cars parked on the side of the road, watch out for people entering and exiting. Obey traffic lights and other signals.

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