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This young country of the West encompasses such a variety of climates, customs, and ethnic groups in its immense dimensions that it's like a living encyclopedia. Imagine the excitement and sophistication of the "Big Apple," New York City. The spectacular autumns of a quaint New England village; the bustle of university life in historic Boston. The gracious and warm hospitality of the Old South; Florida's sub-tropical gentle breezes.The Midwest heartland with its beautiful lakes, forests and gently rolling hills. America's "Wild West" stretching from the rugged Rocky Mountains to the wide open spaces of Texas ranch country. California where the stars glitter from the beaches of Malibu, the cable cars of San Francisco or the hills of Hollywood.

The USA brings us Levi's and T-shirts, high-tech Silicon Valley and giant skyscrapers, rap music and cinema, world-class symphonies and basketball, Disneyland and McDonald's.®
The USA is also middle-America filled with families living in towns, cities and suburbs throughout the country.

You will live with a family who is looking forward to sharing their home and lifestyle with exchange students of all nationalities.

As an exchange student to the USA, you will not only improve your English (if it's not your first language), but also gain a greater understanding of the diversity of this country's people. While in school, you will deepen your appreciation of the history and society of this diverse and ever-changing country. Learn first-hand why Americans are known for their "can-do" attitude as you become part of your host school and host family.

As a member of your ASSE host family, you will experience what it means to live as an American. Whether you are chatting with your "brothers" or "sisters" or perhaps helping your host parents set the table for Sunday dinner, you will enjoy a daily life filled with laughter, love and learning.

And get excited about attending a typical American high school where there are a million and one activities in which to get involved–in addition to studying, of course. You can play in a band, become a cheerleader, act in a school play, run for student government, study art, join a debating club, write for the school newspaper, or play a wide variety of school sports, including basketball and football "American" style. And these are just a few of the choices. Participating in these activities is a great way to have fun, be active in your school and community, and meet countless new friends.

Come to the USA for a school year and move with the country always on the move. And if you already live in the USA, get a move on to experience the diversity of your own country!

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