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Have you been doing "it" in America?

Do not feel ashamed ! We are asking for Work and Travel USA ....

Did you know that you can do it for five years , but only while you're a student - from the first to last year , even if you are on post -graduate studies .

What to do? To work for four months each summer , wherever you wish in the USA.

Why you do " it " - because it's always fun, because you get to know the world and he get's to know you ...

More reasons why to do " it "? Because there is a fifth month bonus. After four months of Work, a fifth month - Travel. Then you can do " it " in different places - Las Vegas , New York , San Francisco, Hawaii, Caribbean, Miami ...

What you're going to do in all those places ? ? ? Well - It's up to you ;)))

Reasons why to choose - Work and Travel USA program Viking, there are a lot , here are some of the primary:



For 15 years now Viking is organizing Work and Travel USA programs thanks to the professionalism of its employees at the 12 offices in 3 countries - Macedonia, Bulgaria and Croatia.



As a participant in the Work and Travel program, our coordinators will dedicate their time to prepare you for a successful summer in the USA, they will be with you on every step of the preparation process for your departure and during your stay in the U.S., answering to all of the questions you will have.



VIKING guarantee you the best price for the entire package in Work and Travel USA

The cost of leaving is composed of many components - not just fee program, and fees for work, insurance, SEVIS, interview fee, airfare ... Very often that which looks cheap at first look, in the end it turns out very expensive - additional fees, expensive airline ticket and many more.
To protect you from an extra expences , we guarantee you the lowest price of the whole package of services necessary for your departure to the U.S..



Only in Viking you can pay the program fees in instalments. This will make it easier to plan your budget.
Apply to the end of December and take the opportunity!
For more details you can go to our WAT-VIKING consultants.



Only with Viking you will have the chance to choose from a large number of job offers from employers that we have worked with for many years.



With Viking you will not lose anything even in case of visa denial. Thanks to our Visa Safety and Money Protect options you can receive all of your money back, even the fee for your visa interview.



Only with Viking you can get a free medical insurance that covers your travel period in the USA.



With Viking you have the freedom to choose the place where you can attend the interview with your future employer, all you need is just an internet access - from your home or our office.



It's a package that minimize your problems with your visa application .
Participants in WAT-VIKING-US Get it Free . It :

• will receive individual preparation for the visa interview , conducted by our consultants ;
• we will assist you in completing the necessary documents and forms ;
• we will take your documents at the U.S. consulate and will let you know the date and time of your visa interview ;
• you can claim your passport with visa directly from our office .
• * in case of visa refusal we will return all fees paid for the program , and the amount of the airplane ticket ;

It is valid for a specific type of programs with included insurance .

With WAT-VIKING-US receive also:

• Quick and easy issuance of work permit - DS 2019 that allows you to legally work in the U.S. ;
• Help finding a secure job in the United States through meetings with American employers in Macedonia , internet based system with job offers , online interviews and more. ;
• health insurance for the working period of the program ;
• Preparation of the documents that are required when applying for a visa ;
• Online orientation that includes information about the program rules and peculiarities of life in the United States ;
• Organizing a trip to the U.S. with the lowest price and the date selected by you, guaranteed by Viking;
• 24 hour telephone service in the United States for assistance and guidance for the duration of the program ;
• Free internet access in our offices ;
• Free translation of all documents necessary for the program ;
• Select the payment : here you can pay the fees for the program in the easiest way for you - online , at POS terminals in our offices or at the bank.
• Credit for maximum facilitate conditions and favorable interest rates.

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