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Internships/ Training programs are available in the following areas:

 Hospitality & Tourism (including Culinary) (1-12 months)
 Management, Business, Commerce & Finance (1-18 months)

Each participant’s professional development program is highly individualized based on the participant’s specific field of study and/or area of professional expertise.

Program Dates

Program dates are flexible and based on Host Company’s needs and participant’s availability.

Difference Between Internship and Training Programs

J-1 intern applicants are required to be currently enrolled university students or recent graduates (within the past 12 months) and consequently may have more limited professional experience in their field of study. Accordingly, the J-1 internship program is designed to provide an opportunity for work-based learning in the intern’s field of study, so that participants develop practical skills that will enhance their future careers. Interns may rotate through several of the Host Company’s departments or functional areas, so that he or she may gain broad practical work experience.

Comparatively, J-1 trainee applicants must have at least five years of professional experience in their field or a university degree plus at least one year of professional experience. Accordingly, the J-1 trainee program provides a bona fide training opportunity and advanced professional development experience that utilizes the trainee’s advanced professional expertise and specialization. The trainee program does not allow the participant to merely gain additional work experience that duplicates prior experience.

Neither program allows the participant to duplicate prior work experience or previous training.
Participants are also not allowed to work in any unskilled or casual labor positions.

  Type of programs

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