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Admission at North American colleges and universities is a very complex process that involves meeting different academic requirements.
To ensure our participants' success at our partner universities, Go Campus provides personal immigration advice and cultural support in a professional environment. 

Our team is committed to providing support and guidance for international students and families as they go through the admission and enrollment process, ensuring that students ultimately make a college decision that is right for them.


Admission requirements established by North American colleges and universities are very diverse and demanding. Academic, extracurricular, and personal achievements are considered in the evaluation of a candidate, usually including the following requirements:

• Academics Requirements.

• Aptitude Requirements.

• English Language Proficiency Requirement.

• Competency Requirement.

• Financial Requirements.

Since every institution in North America has different admission requirements standards, each individual will be advised and guided trough the specific admission process required by the recruiting institution.


The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or equivalent exam, is required for admission at all Go Campus partner universities, unless the student's Overseas Educational Advisors has determined that ESL classes are necessary. 

Go Campus representatives inform and educate their participants about the closest testing locations and contents. 
Official TOEFL test is administrated by ETS (


Transfer students

Go Campus students, who have earned college-level course credits in their home country comparable to the course credits in the North American educational system, will be able to transfer those credits to the North American institution. Most institutions require foreign transcripts to be evaluated by a third party.

  Graduate degrees and programs VISAS and SEVIS  

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